Important Reasons Search Engine Marketing is Suitable for Startups

Whenever a startup comes up, a very challenging scenario welcomes it Search Engine. The startup would not be popular, so it would not have a brand value to ride on. It may be operating on a shoestring budget that does not allow it a broad timeframe before it generates revenue by selling its products or services. The startup needs a good return on investment rate in everything, from hiring new staff to sundry expanses.

Needless to say, the startup must have a marketing strategy that offers a handsome return on investment ratio. The startup must be able to detect it quickly if its marketing strategy is not bearing fruits. Because it might not have sufficient finances to recover from the financial damage that a worthless marketing plan would cause. Considering all that, search engine marketing turns out to be a suitable marketing methodology for startups. Let’s see how.

Instant Results

Search engines are used continuously. Unless a user wants to visit a specific website and knows the exact web address, a search engine would be used. So, advertisements placed in search engine results get immediate exposure. There is very little or no time-gap between putting up an ad and it getting viewed.  So, advertisers get instant feedback that tells them if their campaign is getting success or not. Such quick feedback helps startups to take corrective measures quickly when needed. As a result, the money spent on executing an incorrect strategy remains restricted to a small amount.

High Precision Targeting

Searching Engine Marketing methodology involves a procedure of identifying search terms for which an ad(s) would be shown. Advertisers can select very specifically down to the character level the search terms for which their ad(s) should be displayed. So they can decide very precisely as to whom an advertisement should be shown and more importantly, to whom it should not be. That much precision helps in keeping unwanted viewers away. As only the audience that matters gets to see the advertisement(s), the percentage of campaigning money that goes waste on irrelevant viewers remains minimal. That guarantees a very healthy return on investment ratio, a crucial factor for startups.

No Passive Expanses

It is possible to configure advertising campaigns in such a way that advertisers’ are charged only when their ads are clicked upon. Merely displaying advertisements does not cost anything. That particular aspect of search engine marketing is very helpful when the advertisement budget is very modest. Compare this to putting up a billboard. Irrespective of the number of people that view the billboard, the advertiser is charged a fixed amount. Having to pay only when your advertisement does the job helps advertisers with a small budget to sustain their campaigns for a longer duration.

Nil Minimum Budget Amount and Instantaneous Discontinuation

Search engine marketing campaigns can be run on very small budgets. The per-click amount that gets charged is usually a tiny quantity. So, it is possible to start this type of campaign with a micro-budget. In case advertisements manage to generate enough sales before all of their budgets are exhausted, then advertisers ideally want to stop the campaigns. That is possible with search engine marketing for all it takes it to halt a campaign is a single mouse click. Those two factors are immensely valuable for startups as they allow running campaigns with virtually any budget along with the facility to suspend the campaign anytime.

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