Why Startups Shall Adopt E-mail Marketing

Startups need to spend their funds wisely. Being in the initial stage of their existence, startups have a lot to achieve, and very little to work with in terms of resources, both human and financial. A startup inevitably has to spend a majority of its assets into developing, maintaining, and delivering their products and services. As a result, the spending capacity that is left for marketing and promoting startups’ offerings is rather modest. It is essential for startups to device a marketing strategy that offers a high return on investments. One of the modern-day methods of promoting business is using e-mails, which offers a very good ROI ratio as compared to other methods of marketing. Let’s have a detailed look at why e-mail marketing is an ideal way of promotion for new businesses.

Less Manufacturing Time

Writing an e-mail does not take a lot of time, for promotional emails are relatively short; they hardly go beyond 150-200 words. An e-mail template does not involve a great deal of graphics, either. Typically, it is the branding aspect that promotional emails convey via their graphics. Hence, creating e-mailers requires a lot less effort compared to other methods of advertising. That takes a lot of time. Bandwidth availability of human resources is always a concern for startups, as they hire only as many people as they need. So, using e-mails to promote their businesses turns out to be very convenient for startups.

Less Execution Time

So many e-mail marketing tools are available these days. These tools provide features that allow to perform all the activities that e-mail marketing campaigns have. Lots of ready e-mail templates are available. It is possible to bulk upload your recipients. Facility to categories uploaded recipients is available, as well. Furthermore, one can automate e-mail campaigns. Create a campaign, define/fill-in its parameters to set it up, and decide the time at which the e-mailer should be sent. No need to log into the e-mail marketing account and press the send button. All these benefits bring in a lot of reduction in the operation cost, which is a huge aspect as far as startups are concerned.

High Return on Investment

Sending emails does not cost much. Email marketing offers a very wide reach at very less cost. It is possible to reach a far greater number of inboxes by spending a certain amount, than showing advertisements in search results. Many email marketing tools provide their services for free, until the number of e-mails sent per month does not exceed a certain limit. A startup, being a newbie typically has a very short list of subscriber, initially. So, e-mail marketing does not cost time much; sometimes, it does not cost them at all.

Instant Feedback

E-mails reach recipients’ inboxes, which are accessed using electronic devices. A majority of business communication takes place via those devices, these days. So, it is convenient to respond to an e-mail or engage with the embedded call-to-action item. As a result, the sender of the email gets quick responses. Understanding quickly whether the marketing strategy is working or not is critical for startups, for they do not afford to waste their finances.

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