Content Marketing: A Suitable Way of Promotion for Startups

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Krupesh Raut is an entrepreneur, digital marketer social media expert & consultant.

Startups need to extract a lot from every penny they spend. The reason is their financial
condition is usually very challenging. Most startups operate on shoestring budgets, and
persuading investors is always a big challenge. Even when startups have decent funding, they
have to provide explanations to the investors about every buck spent. That is the reason why
content marketing is an ideal promotional strategy for startups, for it is very flexible in terms of
promotional-content type and expenditure.

Suitable for all types of audience

The term content encompasses all the types of multimedia: text, images, audio, and video. So
there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of type of promotional material that can be created
when content is used as a marketing tool. Hence, content marketing strategy is potentially
suitable for all types of target audiences. Let us have an example to understand that better.
Email marketing is used for promotion by a startup. They sell toys as well as sports equipment.
The target age-group for toys is below 12 years, and it is above 15 for sports equipment. It is
possible to contact the target-audience of sports equipment by sending emails, for people that
are 15+ would have an email account. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to reach the
target audience that is below 12 years of age by sending emails, for none of them would have
an email account. So, the startup would have to find another marketing strategy for promoting
toys, which means spending a lot of time and effort on devising another marketing strategy.
But, if the startup creates quality content for grabbing attention, that can be used to reach
every set of target audience. Persuading text messages can be written for above 15 audiences
that have the intellectual capability to understand the message. Attractive images can be used
for simulating interest about the toys in the target-audience below 12 years of age. So, the
expenditure for creating marketing content reduces, which a big plus for startups who often
have modest spending power.

Expenditure Schedule

Content marketing strategy is very flexible in terms of the quantity of promotional material.
You may create a single video or several graphical illustrations of your product. That allows you
to keep your promotional activity going. Compare that to any other marketing strategy, and the
difference gets highlighted. Let’s have an example of e-mail marketing. Usually, it takes three e-
mails that introduce your product/service to generate enough interest in recipients to click on
the e-mail and open it. Each of the three e-mailers has its expenditure for creating and sending.
But, a solitary video can be posted on many social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook,
Twitter, and YouTube. So, when content is used as a tool, it is possible to keep a marketing

campaign going even when the available finances are modest. That aspect is critical for
startups, for they often run short of spending power.

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