Reasons Why Every Startup Should Perform Search Engine Optimization – Part 2

There are multiple benefits of performing search engine optimization activities that are vital for startups, for commercials is a critical aspect for them. Apart from reducing marketing costs along with providing accurate exposure, SEO activities provide other benefits, as well. Search engine optimization brings a few other benefits that indirectly help organizations to increase their sales. Let us understand three such advantages of performing SEO.

Long Lasting Results

Search engine optimization, once done, remains effective for considerably long durations. That is a major plus factor of SEO marketing method and a huge advantage to startups that have a modest budget. The act of optimizing content for search terms can be performed once, and its benefits could be reaped for a few weeks after that. So, it is a one-time expenditure that brings benefits over a longish time-span. Let’s compare that to another marketing methodology to understand the significance of that aspect from the commercial point of view. For a billboard advertising campaign, the campaigning cost is directly proportional to the number of days the advertisement remains on the billboard. An increase in the number of days, even by one, would have cost implications. Where, as for a search engine optimization activity, the resource cost would be proportional to the number of man-hours spent. Let’s say it has taken 10 man-hours to optimize a piece of content. The expected duration for which the content is supposed to rank in the top 10 is 12 weeks. Turns out that piece of content managed to remain in the top 10 ranks for 15 weeks. In that case, that advertiser does not have to pay for the extra three weeks for which the effect of the SEO activity lasted.

Trust Factor

Search engine optimization places your webpage(s) above others. So, in a way, your work turns of to be better than the others. Customers get influenced by that. When a page appears at a high rank in a search result, it gives a message to the viewer about your capabilities, in a way. Viewers think that if the webpage is displayed in the first few search results then the product/service that the advertiser offers must be good. Getting your webpage to rank at the top of search results is perceived as assurance about your competence.

Brand Value

Gaining an identity as a brand is of great significance for startups, for it can help them a great deal with increasing their sales. Search engine optimization is a grand branding technique, as well. Apart from helping you to sell your product, SEO activities can help a great deal in terms of increasing familiarity among potential buyers. A webpage that ranks high in search results is viewed by potential customers a lot more times than a page that does not rank that high. Highly ranked web pages get constant exposure and are viewed by their potential buyers repeatedly. Repeated exposure helps to build an image as a brand.

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