About Me

A farmer’s son, an average student in college but today, he is an upcoming face in the world of Digital marketing. 28 years old, Krupesh Raut is a digital marketing crackerjack. Born in a modest household, Krupesh went ahead with his engineering degree soon after his school. Being an average student of the class, no one would have thought that he would become someone that people would like to write about. The major turn in his life came when he made a college project, under which he made a system that worked on voice modulation. The awards that the project fetched for him, started to crave him for more learning & newer challenges.
At the very young age of 21, he started to get individual projects, that he finished with high success rate. With time, Krupesh started to explore various fields related to technology. During this exploration, he found that one work that motivated him the most. Digital Marketing. A journey that started in 2011 has been filled with growing graphs in terms of deliverability & success now. Since his first project, he has worked on various projects with various brands.
As per him, his day is all about using new ways, new solutions to provide the right results to his clients. “Constant learning & evolving is the only key to transform a new brand to a famous brand. A digital marketer should always be on toe, and that exactly what I do. And that what makes me.. me.” We could see the pride in Krupesh’s eyes as he talked about his job.
Currently with 9K followers on his Instagram, Krupesh is really a Digital marketing crackerjack in the world filled with experts.
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