Why YouTube Marketing is Suitable for Startups

Startups always have to find ways that save time, effort, and cost, no matter what the activity is. Be it ideation, designing, production, or promotion.  Startups generally have a very limited budget is that primary reason behind that. As a result, it is imperative for startups that they have a marketing strategy that is suitable for a diverse type of advertising material and does not require too much effort. YouTube marketing fulfills those criterions; let’s understand how. 

Number of Active Users

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms. The YouTube search engine is the second most widely used search engine in the world. So advertising on YouTube is great from the exposure point of view. Being a video streaming platform, YouTube is viewed across all regions and age-groups. When adopting a new way of promoting a product/service, a lot of time and effort needs to put in brainstorming. So, adopting YouTube marketing as a strategy is beneficial, for no matter what your product is, you will find your potential user base present on YouTube. That saves advertisers a lot in terms of man-hours, saving costs. Managing finances is always a concern for startups, so YouTube marketing is beneficial.

Diversity in Content

It is possible to upload content of all the four types of multimedia: text, audio, video, and images, it all can be converted into a video and uploaded on YouTube. That allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of content creation. Startups often have limited capabilities in terms of employee skill-sets, for they do not have a budget to hire a large number of workers to build a team that covers a wide range of skills. So, no matter which form of multimedia is your marketing team’s forte, it is possible to upload that all on YouTube.


YouTube is a great platform from the analysis perspective. YouTube provides many stats about content like number of views, the total number of subscribers, the total duration for which your content was viewed, etc. Having ready statistical insights helps a lot, for doing it manually can take a lot of time and effort. Saving time and effort eventually brings financial benefits, so it helps startups a lot to have ready statistics about their marketing campaigns.


YouTube allows viewers to share feedback. It is possible to leave a comment on a YouTube video. The facility to reply to comments as available, too. That is a huge advantage for startups.  YouTube makes it possible to get quick feedback for your marketing campaign. Feedback helps is determining whether your marketing campaign is becoming successful or not. Not all other ways of marketing make it possible to have a quick feedback. In case the promotional activity is not going as per the plan, quick feedback helps in identifying it. That allows advertisers to take corrective measures before a lot of time and effort goes into the marketing campaign that is not delivering the expected results, which is an immense plus for startups, who generally have a shoestring budget.

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