Why Startups Should Consider Viral Marketing

One thing that startups do not afford is waiting for success to knock their doors. But, achieving good results usually involves a procedure that is lengthy and time-consuming.  Startups manage to gather the resources they need and manage to form strategies that would work, but surviving in the marketing until those strategies bear fruits. So, startups need a solution that shortens the time-gap between the execution of their promotional strategies and the time at which those strategies start to bear fruits. Is there a strategy though, that is can reduce that time-gap? Yes, it’s called viral marketing. Let’s understand the concept and how it works.

Quick Results

Content is said to have gone viral when it generates a lot of viewership in a very short time-span. So, content gone viral provides immediate exposure. As your content is viewed by many of your target audience, you start to get enquires/demands for your product or service. The whole series of events takes place rapidly. As a result, you do not have to wait for a long to see if your marketing strategy is yielding the expected results. There are multiple benefits of such quick responses that are crucial for startups.

One, in case the marketing strategy is not going to produce the expected results, startups want to know that quickly because they are virtually always on the edge when it comes to finances and human resources. Getting quick feedback saves them from putting time, effort, and money into something that is not going to work.

Two, startups cannot wait too long for success. They come under great financial stress when results do not show up for long. Even when they get generous funding from investors, they are under pressure of showing the expected returns. Investors do not want to wait too long for their returns on investments.

Additional Exposure

The content that goes viral gets into the lists ‘most viewed’ or ‘trending’ that social media platforms maintain. Many users frequently go through these lists, and many of them would not have found your content otherwise. So, viral content gives your content the additional exposure which it may not have got only by promotion.

Brand Value

When your content goes viral, it brings you more benefits than just generating buyers for your product or service. People remember you, the brand when your content goes viral. Being able to produce viral content is seen as a mark of the capability of producing quality stuff. People tend to think that the brand that can produce viral content would be capable of producing quality products/services. Another way in which going viral helps is being remembered well, and for long. Producing content that sells your product/service does not necessarily etch you in their memory. But, the content that goes viral is remembered for a long time, and by many. Whenever the product or service that you offer is viewed by your target audience, the memories of your content that had gone viral would resurface.

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